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Aah, yes. That seems to be the most common effect as far as I can see--an affected sleep schedule. I edit journal articles and textbooks, and I get work assigned through out the day, so I have to be quick enough to accept or reject an assignment. Which means I do have to keep my phone and laptop by my bed at night, which doesn't really help. But that's ok since I still have a job and a steady income when many have lost theirs or are taking pay cuts. I'd def like some work-life balance though.

What do you do if I may ask? How has work-life balance been these past few months? Stay safe! :)

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I've been able to control my eating so much better being home every day. Lot's of people I work with say the opposite, that they are tempted to eat more being at home. Something else that has changed is laundry. I wear the same few things over and over and never really put clothing away. Wear it one day, wash it, dry it, and back on the body from the laundry basket. No folding or hanging or sorting. I also sleep in later, get up make coffee and start working right away, take a mid morning break to get washed up. I'm also working longer hours because, why not? If something needs to get done I just keep working beyond normal quitting time. I sometimes feel guilty about doing dishes or some other chore in the middle of the day, like I'm getting away with something.

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Since I'm working from home for the first time I've started jotting down some of the things I like and don't like about the experience so far.

Here's what I've got so far:

  • I've been able to sleep more
  • I don't have to worry about my commute
  • I can work comfortably in sweatpants
  • It's quieter than my office
  • I can switch up where I want to work in my house
  • I can blast music without being judged
  • I have more things to get me distracted
  • Stuck in the house all day
  • Communication with coworkers is trickier
  • Associating my home with work stress
I'm curious to see what other pros and cons people have about working from home. Please feel free to share them below.
Yeah i hear you. Well anyway here are my pros and cons:

I get to take lunch whenever i want to
I can work by the heater
I can watch something while working at the same time

I can eat lunch whenever i want to
Sometimes i spend the whole day without taking a shower (don't judge me lol)
The internet is sometimes distracting

But seriously apart from these pros and cons i find it quite easy to work simply cause of the kind work i do. The pay is decent on Paidera
and it's actually pretty basic. Try it out. Think you'll like it.

See if you like it. Later
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