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Work from home by learning how to be in business for yourself.

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We are looking for people in North America that would like to learn how to build their own online business. Be paid for the work you put in instead of what someone says you are worth. No obligation or huge investment to get started. Learn from successful e-commerce owners. If you are driven and accountable then please feel free to contact me to setup an appointment to talk and see if this is a fit for you.
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I am so ready for this I am based in Canada though , is that a problem?
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I hope your weekend was amazing. We have a very large presence in Canada as well as many other countries. What time zone are you in. We would like to setup a Zoom meeting and see if this is a good fit for you. Have a great day!
[Est] I am in QC and I should be available in the afternoon tomorrow until 3h -3h30 "my time"
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