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Work from home and full fill your dreams

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Thanks for your interest in Naari Shakti. This group is working towards women empowerment using digital platform and our channel partner is Oriflame.

My name is MADHUMITHA brand [email protected] Oriflame.
We are not focus on selling products here.

Right now we are hiring ladies who want to work full/part time from home to earn income, building this business as their own. There are no targets and no joining fees. We are working on our convenient time and creating our own identity. Along with this we are having fun, making new friends and explore world.

Achieve your dreams with a small step of becoming part of India's Fastest Growing Network.
If you can give 2-5 hrs daily, then do let me know following details:

Your name:
Your Language:
Your Phone no:

thank you
Can contact me on my LinkedIn LinkedIn profile
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