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Would You Install Monitoring Software If A WFH Employer Demanded It

  • Yes, it's a reasonable way for employers to ensure staff are working

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  • No, it's an unacceptable invasion of privacy

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What do you think of monitoring software?

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I'm a freelance writer and I've been asked by New Media Business, a work blog, to write a post about monitoring software, and I was wondering what you guys think.

Monitoring software allows employers to track your Internet activity during work hours. It might take screenshots at random moments in the day, for example, or measure the time you spend on the corporate platform. It's a way for employers to see how much you're working and make sure that you're not doing something else.

If you currently have to use monitoring software, I'd love to know how you feel. If not, would you refuse a WFH job if it required monitoring software?


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