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Here are 7 Proven Strategies for Generating Passive Income Online :

Create and sell digital products:
You can create ebooks, online courses, printables, or any other digital products and sell them online.

Affiliate marketing:
Promote other people's products and earn a commission for each sale made through your unique affiliate link.

Start a blog or YouTube channel:
You can monetize your blog or YouTube channel through advertising, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.

Sell stock photos or videos:
You can sell your photos or videos on platforms like Shutterstock and iStock.

Create and sell a mobile app:
You can create a mobile app and earn money through advertising, in-app purchases, and subscriptions.

Create and sell a membership website:
You can create a membership website and charge a recurring fee for access to exclusive content or services.

Develop and sell a software tool:
You can develop and sell a software tool or plugin to provide passive income through recurring license fees.

Bonus: You can build a successful online business
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