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I have been working from a home office for over 20 years. I have been told that it is best for me and those whom I work with. The shelter in place thing is nothing new for me. My work consists of real estate appraisal, so instead of having long conversations with home owners, my apprentice and I show up, glove up and masks on.
We have had a very small number of people get offended and statements such as "No one is ill in our home" "We are very clean and safe" the general response to them is "we are in other people's home's, we change coveralls between inspections, this is for your safety" Then we are mostly OKAY.

The working from home has some pros and some cons.
The Pros
Zero commute time
Clothing optional work
Save money on eating at home
You can almost set your own hours if the work is project based.

The Cons
Closeness with family and pets
Expected to take care of things because you are home
Zero decompression time on the commute home
Clothing optional
Setting ones own hours, now you end up working 10-15 hours instead of the 8-10 and going home.

Working from home is not for everyone or every situation. Be sure to take a lunch break, take a regular break as if at work. Tell the spouse and children you will deal with it after work as if things were normal.
Well I am done with my break have work to finish :)

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Welcome to the forum! Glad to have your thoughts.

I've only just started working from home due to the pandemic, but I do like your point about decompressing on the commute home. I used to take a commuter train and while it was great for getting work done, it also provided a nice opportunity for a nap! 馃榾
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