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Looking for someone in the USA who lives in a warm state with year round yard sales

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Roughly 50% of the work will be done from home, and 50% at yard sales.
I am in need of someone who lives in a state where they have year round yard sales.
I am looking for someone VERY RELIABLE to visit a couple of yard sales for me near your home and to purchase items (particular items that almost every yard sale has – vintage items).
You will have no investment, and you will have the opportunity to become my partner if all goes well in the first 2 months.
This is not a get fast do no work position. If you´re looking to sit on the couch all day and make money, needless to say those jobs do not exist, and this is not that kind of job.
I am a reseller and sell inside of the USA, therefore I need a resident of the USA.
If you would like more information, reply here and I will send you a private message.

Also noticed I live in Austria, although I am an American. I have been a reseller in the past but once I moved here, the opportunities do not exist here for me to do this. Hence why I decided I will do it together with someone. I wouldalso like to mention many people think this type of work can be done alone, and it can be if you always stay small. My goal is to turn this into a real business for me and my partner.
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