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Fashion Retail Affiliate Program With High Commission

What Is Newchic Affiliate Program?
It calls on people who are willing to help the Newchic brand be sold all over the world to join, free of charge. Based on revenue share, the brand pay up to 50% commission per sale to people(affiliates).
How Does Newchic Affiliate Program Work?
There are 3 roles included brand, affiliates, shoppers.
Brand provide high commission, aboundant products, accurate tracking. Affiliates promote brand through product picture, banners and coupons etc. Their sales are tracked by affiliate code added on promotion links. As long as shoppers access to brand site after clicking affiliates'links, whatever they purchase, wherever they come from, the affiliate earn commissions.
Is It A Necessary To Built An Affiliate Website?
Newchic welcome all style of affiliates. You can promote Newchic through your site, your blog, your social media page, even just share product to friend and famaily through messenger, whatsapp. The key of affiliate marketing is traffics, that is pontential shoppers.

How Much Commissions Affiliates Can Earn ?

Affiliates LevelCommission RateRequirement For Total Sale Amount
New (L0)18%First 30days after joining
Standard (L1)12%Less than $4000
Silver (L2)15%Reach $4000, less than $10000
Gold (L3)20%Reach $10000, less than $20000
Diamond (L4)25%Reach $20000
Super (L5)Up To 50%Email [email protected]

Join Newchic Affiliate Program now! start working from home any time any where and make money Fashion Retail Affiliate Program With High Commission
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