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Gaming Routers Give your WiFi Network a Speed & Range Boost

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Gamers need reliable, fast networking to win. Gaming routers cater to these needs by packing powerful processing and sensitive antennas into easily managed packages that are not too crazy expensive.

Because today's Internet connections are so fast, if you have not upgraded your router in a while, you may be surprised to discover that it is a bottleneck for internet broadband connectivity. That's because routers typically don't achieve their advertised maximum speeds, and the further away you are from the router the slower the connection gets.

A high-performance gaming router provides greater range as well as higher-speed and multiband operation to ensure that everyone in your house it's a good connection. So, when you're working, you can teleconference without having to share WiFi bandwidth with other family members who are gaming or streaming HD video.

Over on AVS forum, I recently posted an article with some well rated, high-performance choices for gaming routers that are also great for work from home applications and multimedia.
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