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Confession time!

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Alright, who else is working from the couch with the cats, or the kitchen counter while coffee is brewing, or bed because why bother getting up? 馃お

My personal computer has an official setup; I don't want to mix my work in there. All the "tips for working from home" strongly suggest keeping an area separate for work time. But I have no space for a second "office".

TBH I kind of like packing everything away at the end of the day. It's over with, and less temptation to hop on later for "just a quick second".

Who else is working from wherever? Pros? Cons?
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:D same! I built a personal computer for all my personal stuff. I don't really mind using my work computer to browse after work but uhhh then I get tempted to look at work. nty.

but I definitely needed a proper chair, I don't have good posture and future problems related to bad posture is something I want to try and avoid as much as possible.

Pros about working from home is that my washroom is connected to my room so I don't need to work much. I've also gotten very good at making different caffeinated drinks. What I missed the most is going out for lunch with people and window shopping.
working from a recliner with a 30 tv mounted to a pole that i can swing in close to my face

it's been my personal setup for years, now using it for wfh
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