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hey, everybody
I wanted make some small discussion about my journey on starting working from home. I have great corporate job- it's great because it is very well paid :) but it deferentially now my dream work. Anyway when pandemic starts we all were forced work from home and then I saw so huge change in my kids ( i have 2 boys 3 and 5year old) that when i work from home they don't miss me so much in evenings and I can after work be normal as they are not siting on me all evening as it was before.
So I decide that I don't want to come back to office but be with my family. So i found my way to do that and I believe everyone can do the same.
I made my online business with mentor team. (you can find more on my website and there are some free videos so you can see how that works:
And it just a start for me, I already have more ideas to continuing in online business.

I think anyone should have freedom to be with their loved once and earn extra with what we are pensioned about. My family is my biggest motivation.
Maybe you can share your journeys as well to inspire each other and motive, maybe share some tips and ideas where to start!

Hope to see you soon!
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