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Any Dragon naturally Speaking Users Here?

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I like to write by using dictation and have relied on Dragon Naturally Speaking for many years. Recently I have supplemented it with the voice recognition capabilities of iOS and Android, but on my workstation it remains the mainstay.

Because I have some practice over years of dictating, and the software itself is good, plus I use a quality microphone, the recognition is very accurate. But, it's the sort of thing you can really only do by yourself. Or is it?

I recently ordered a "Steno SR Pro-1" stenomask. It's basically a muffler for your voice with abuilt-in microphone and can be seen used in courtrooms in place of traditional stenography. According to the manufacturer, it achieves the highest level of accuracy for a speech recognition microphone, with a "six star" rating when used with Naturally Speaking software. Hope so, it's $250.

But here's the best part. Not only do I hope to get the highest accuracy, I can achieve it while music plays, or in these pandemic times, I can spare my wife the sounds of me composing an article which is hardly poetic in cadence when I dictate it.

Here's the device on Amazon: Steno SR Pro-1 is a Pocket Sized Sound Booth. Privately use Speech Technology and Eliminate Background Noise with The Industry Best Voice Isolation Microphone.: Musical Instruments
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