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10 tips to be productive

Anyone who works from home knows that staying focused can be the hardest part of the job. Admit it, whenever it's time to sit down to work seriously, you find something more “urgent” to do, like folding the laundry or cooking a 6-course lunch. Ok, maybe we are exaggerating but normally when you finish the working day you realize that you have not done even half of what you had planned.

In order to help you stay focused on real work and be more productive, we've put together these 10 work-from-home tips that you can easily implement on the go from your bed to your laptop.

01. Set a schedule (and stick to it!)

When you imagine working from home, you visualize it like this: you sleep until 11 am, get up and make yourself a coffee, go back to bed with your laptop and pretend to work at 3 p.m. M. and, all this, without taking off your pajamas of course. As idyllic as it sounds, we all know that this adds nothing to the productive equation – especially for a person working on an individual project with a distant deadline. Ideally, set a schedule and stick to it. Are you used to working from 9 to 5? Or maybe you are more creative in the morning and therefore prefer to start at 7 am?

Find the time of day that works best for you, but make sure you commit. It's important to get used to the idea that you're working from an office to meet deadlines – don't even think about baking some delicious cakes or cleaning the oven thoroughly during this time! If you have a structure, it will benefit you a lot. For example, you will mark those hours as your only productive hours of the day and it will be more difficult for you to leave it for another time. And you should also propose that the moment you turn off your computer, the workday ends (and perhaps you have even finished all the work you had pending that day too)

02. Dress up!

Even if you don't plan to meet someone or leave the house all day, force yourself to get dressed every morning (and we don't mean just throw on a nice shirt over your pajama bottoms like you do every time you have a video- Skype call). But why? Because by getting dressed you trick your mind into thinking that you are going somewhere, therefore preparing you to take on the work day with full energy. No, you don't need to wear a suit and tie (if you feel like it…go ahead!), but even swapping your pajamas for sweatpants or jeans will help you feel more groomed and ready for work. Most people have a morning routine before going to work, don't skip it! Comb your hair, put on makeup (or not), take a shower... in short,

03. Set deadlines

We have all left the things we have to do “for tomorrow”, and therefore we understand how difficult it can be to work on a project whose delivery date is not very close yet. A good way to feel pressure and motivate yourself to finish it is to set your own deadlines. Setting some benchmarks along the way will help you achieve short-term goals. Try "bribing" yourself with some incentives. For example, there are people who allow themselves to eat a double cheeseburger if they finally meet one of the deadlines that have been proposed. This way, you'll be working steadily instead of stressing yourself out with a barrage of work two days before the project's due date.

04. Make a daily plan

As with deadlines, having a plan for each day will help you focus on your goals. It is very helpful to start each day by writing a "plan of attack" for that day. It can also be helpful to make a list of all the tasks you have to complete the next day the afternoon before. Thus, when you wake up the next morning you can get down to work and with no time to waste. Or simply set a goal for each day of the week, for example: create an online portfolio for your freelance projects , finish your business plan presentation, write 3 social media posts, publish an article on your blog – or whatever. thing you need to do, and commit to finishing it.

05. Disconnect from networks

Social media can slow down your productivity faster than you can hit the retweet button. It is very tempting to check what happens on your social networks. But before you know it, an hour will have passed and you'll still be browsing the Instagram photos of your childhood friend's sister's boyfriend's cousin. Therefore, try to log out of all your social accounts during business hours. Checking social media is almost a reflex action these days, so make it difficult for yourself. Also, force yourself not to check your inbox compulsively. They say that a person checks their email an average of 74 timesper day, which confirms that it is a dangerous distraction. Set a specific time in the morning, afternoon, and evening to check and respond to your emails, so you can focus more on productive work for the next day.

06. Take breaks

There’s nothing wrong with stepping away and taking a break from your work; in fact, it will actually enhance your focus. Approach breaks with discipline. If you’ve had a really productive hour, give yourself 5-7 minutes to make a coffee or do some yoga. Maybe you just finished a project or sifted through half your inbox – this is a good time to take a walk, with an exact time you need to be back. For me, taking 15 minutes to meditate or stretch helps me take my mind off work without getting distracted by social media or TV. Also: don’t forget to take a lunch break!

07. Create a workspace

Choose a space in your home and turn it into your new office. It doesn't have to be an entire room, you just need an area that you use every day. By having a fixed space, you will identify that area with work and the moment you sit in that cozy corner, you will know that it is time to work. This will make it easier for you to resist the urge to do anything else around the house and make you more productive. We know from experience that it's best to work in a clean and organized environment, so we recommend getting up early enough to have it ready before you start work.

08. Set limits on others

By working from home, other people may assume that your days are flexible or even free. Set limits with your family and friends so that within working hours your neighbor doesn't come to ask you to take care of the dog or your friend calls you to complain about her ex for 3 hours. This not only serves to keep those close to you at bay, but it will help you respect your own work time and communicate to others that just because you are at home does not mean that you are always available.

09. Socialize

Working from home can be a bit lonely and it's easy to feel a bit isolated from the universe after a while, so it's important to plan some social activity from time to time. Don't neglect the importance of having a drink with friends or going to your favorite yoga class after your work day is over. Spending time away from home and with other people will help you completely disconnect from work and it will be easier for you to return to it the next day.

10. Work from another side

Have you ever had a day where you just can't get into a routine? Change of scenery! Get out of your house and find a coffee shop, library or any place with Wifi where you can work from. Leaving the house and heading somewhere for the sole purpose of getting work done will, in fact, give you renewed energy. Sometimes the only way to focus is to leave your own space and get away from home distractions like morning TV shows or mountains of laundry. Furthermore, surrounding yourself with the buzz and chatter of a coffee shop can be inspiring and rejuvenating.

However, at the end of the day, you are the only one who knows yourself well and knows when and how you work best. Use these tips along with a little self-discipline to create a schedule and work environment that allows you to get the most work done and make the most of the day ahead. After all, nothing feels better than having your work done.
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